Deep (tech) thoughts with Karthee!

Hi, I am Karthee Madasamy and welcome to my domain on the internet.

I have been a deep tech VC for the last 15+ years and was an entrepreneur before that building semiconductors and signal processing algorithms for wireless systems and multimedia products.

Currently, I am the Founding Managing Partner at MFV Partners, a deep tech fund based in Palo Alto.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to reach me for funding, use this MFV email

I also host office hours if you are looking for no-pressure feedback or to brainstorm on your deep tech ideas. You can book your slot here – “Deep Tech Office Hours with Karthee”

If you want to reach me on Social Media –
Twitter – @KartheeMadasamy
Linkedin – KartheeMFV
Clubhouse – @KartheeMadasamy

I write primarily about building deep tech companies and you can find my writing in the Blog page. You can also subscribe to my email list below for bi-weekly updates.

I am a fan of Oakland A’s, Detroit RedWings, San Francisco 49ers and Indian Cricket team – and always happy to discuss if Billy Beane is overrated, if the Left Wing Lock really helped the Wings to those championships and how a baseball fan should watch cricket and vice versa!

I love long distance running – ran the Chicago and NY marathons and looking to get back into training for next marathon run.

Alum of College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras, University of Michigan and Chicago Booth School of Business

I am a Kauffman Fellow and founded the Deep Tech Special Interest Group for Kauffman Fellows.

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